The Last Taste of Summer

Photo Taken By: Jenn Luvs Beer

Every once in a while when I stroll down the craft beer aisle of my local Total Wine & Beverage, I'll come across a seasonal beer of the previous season. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Fall, especially Fall beers. But I think we can all agree there is something about the spring/summer that screams happiness. When I came across Bell's Brewery 'Pool Time Ale', I had to seize the opportunity to have the last taste of summer.

This Belgian-inspired Wheat Ale features cherry juice from local cherries in the Traverse City region of Michigan. Pool Time Ale is available in the May/June months, but you may get lucky like myself and find this great beer outside of those months.

The taste is not only refreshing, but instantly brings you back to summer with its fruity flavors. This beer pairs well with sweet and sour chicken, brie cheeses, and we can't forget a slice of cherry pie. Pool Time Ale contains 5% ABV and is suggested to enjoy in a Nonic glass. If you haven't tried this amazing beer (or any type of Bell's Beer for that matter), then head out to their website to see if they distribute to your state.

If you are not able to find 'PoolTime Ale', I suggest you try one of my FAVORITE beers from Bell's which is the 'Two Hearted Ale'. Bell's Brewery is one of my top ten breweries. Their beers never disappoint; and they always have a beer for every occasion.

Next time you are in your Craft Beer aisle, make sure the next beer you grab is a #BellsBeer .


-Jenn Luvs Beer