October's Beer of the Month

Photo Taken By: Jenn Luvs Beer

October is an exciting month. The fall season is in full force and you have an array of fall 🍁 beers. One of my favorite types of beers during this season is a German - Style Marzen aka Oktoberfest. This style of beer use to be seasonally available in the spring. "Marzen" is March in German and that is the month it was originally brewed. Today, this dark lager Marzen (or Oktoberfest if you will), is the most recognizable fall beer in American Craft Beer.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. based out of Cleveland, OH, makes an Oktoberfest out of this world. I am not kidding! I had to get another 6 pack of this goodness in a bottle after devouring my first one. What sets this beer apart is the robust fall flavors. With one sip your tastebuds will dance with joy, and instantly take you to a place of happiness. The use of Noble Hops leaves the beer highly aromatic, but with less hop bitterness. This style is also a food friendly beer and pairs wonderfully with grilled, roasted, and smoked meats. Hence why bratwurst is so popular during Oktoberfest 😁👍🏽🍺 If you want to get fancy and complete a cheese and beer pairing try this beer with Jalapeño Jack cheeses. Or get funky and pair Great Lakes Oktoberfest with Coconut Flan. This beer contains 6.5% ABV and suggested to enjoy in a flute glass...but hey, it's an Oktoberfest! Enjoy it in a stein 🍺😉

Check out Great Lakes Beer Finder to see if you can grab this amazing beer near you while you still can for it is a seasonal beer. Oktoberfest was born out of a celebration. So why not enjoy the changing of season with this wildly popular lager, but make sure it is a Great Lakes Brewing Co. Oktoberfest.

Prost Beer Lovers! 🍺