National Drink Beer Day!

Photo Taken By: Jenn Luvs Beer

It's National Drink Beer Day! Yes, you read that correctly 😉 A day dedicated to drinking 🍺

As the Oktoberfest season comes to an end, this day is a great reminder to enjoy the world's most popular adult beverage. For this special day, I couldn't narrow it down to just one beer. So of course I am going to rave about not one, but TWO beers.

Since moving to North Carolina I have been on the hunt for great local breweries. BruePrint based out of Apex, NC is one of those great local brews. Out of their lineup of creative yet tasty beers, the brown ale (Bruenette) and amber ale (Brue Scarlet) are high on my list to enjoy on this day.

Bruenette (Brown Ale)

With me being a brunette myself and a lover of brown ales, I couldn't help but try this enticing beer. "Bruenette" is an American Style Brown Ale which was inspired by the English Style Ale and Porters. It's caramel and chocolate like characters bring a medium intensity to both the flavor and aroma. Suggested to enjoy in a Nonic Pint this classy brunette contains 5.2% ABV. Brown Ales can be paired with grilled meats and vegetables, aged cheeses, and pear like desserts. Bruenette is part of BruePrint's Year Round lineup so you're always able to enjoy this delicious brown ale.

Brue Scarlet (Amber Ale)

I have a secret love affair when it comes to amber ales. I have to say the "Brue Scarlet" will always be in my fridge when I complete my weekly beer run. The taste is refreshing with more caramel flavor, but not too much bite. At 4.8% ABV it can really pack a punch! Suggested to devour in a Tulip Glass, this red head goes great with Barbecue, Medium Cheddar, and some good 'ol fashion Pound Cake😍 This beer is also part of BruePrint's Year Round Lineup, so there is no excuse not to try this scrumptious adult beverage.

If you are ever in North Carolina, make sure to try these beers or any of BruePrint's amazing lineup. BruePrint can be found in many bars and restaurants all over NC. Or heck, just visit the brewery while you're at it for they always have something special going on everyday of the week.

So when 5 'o clock rolls around head out to the bar with some friends, and raise a glass on this awesome day dedicated to enjoy a great beverage!

Cheers! 🍺