Sunny Days Call for Lush IPA

Photo Taken By JennLuvsBeer

As stated before I am a huge fan of a good IPA (India Pale Ale). So when I came across Lush IPA by Fremont Brewing based out of Seattle, WA I had to take my taste buds on an adventure😉🍺

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know any beer out of the Pacific Northwest is home to many of the best and most innovative craft brewers👌🏽Lush IPA will take you to a place of bliss as the citrus tropical flavors and a touch of pepper take hold of your taste buds 🌴

Suggested to devour in a tulip glass this amazing beer is 7.0% ABV and bright orange in color. Great food pairings are Salmon, Rich Cheeses, and Carrot Cake.

Currently, Fremont Brewing distributes to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Colorado and California. Go to their "Find It" page for specific locations. Availability for this beer is January - March, BUT I was fortunate enough to come across this can in the summer months at my local liquor store. Who knows! You may just get lucky 😉 If you don't reside in any of those states, then it time to plan a trip to Washington to visit this kick ass brewery. Fremont Brewery states, "We bring this tropical treat to you as a reminder of Spring’s coming, its rebirth and promise of sunny days forever." And I whole heartedly agree!

Cheers! 🍻