Cider: The New Game Changer

Photo Taken By JennLuvs Beer

What was once overlooked by the serious beer drinker, is now considered as a "must have."

I remember my first cider as if it was yesterday. An old co-worker asked me if I was up for Happy Hour at the local pub by our office. Of course I said yes, but was not in the mood for wine or beer (I am not a hard liquor kind of gal). She suggested that I try a cider...I thought to myself, the kind you have while you look at the Christmas lights???😳

I decided to give it a try and my life changed forever! Now I am always on the hunt for a different cider. Stem Cider based out of Denver, Colorado is not only a game changer, but a MUST TRY!!!! Their ciders are creative, delicious, and leaves you wanting more. The Pear Apple Cider is my personal favorite (although, I think all of their ciders are my favorite). This goodness in a can was released in April of 2017 and contains 5.3% ABV. Ciders are suggested to enjoy in a wine glass. Yes, you read that correctly. A wine glass.

The glass should have a good-sized bowl to allow swirling, which releases the cider’s aromatic compound, and an opening that is smaller in diameter so that those aromas are funneled upward and made accessible (as stated from

Food Pairings with this cider are Seafood, Thai Food, and of course Pork Chops w/Apple Sauce. If you are ever in the Denver area, you should stop by their facility and check out everything they have to offer. Currently, you are able to find Stem Cider in Colorado, Illinois, and Kansas City, MO.

Next time you are out with friends, try a cider. It may change your taste buds forever 😉