March's Beer of the Month

Photo Taken By: JennLuvsBeer

There are a lot of special characteristics for the month of March. It is the first month of spring, March Madness becomes a religion, animals start to wake up from hibernation, and whether you are Irish or not chances are you will enjoy green beer on St. Patrick's day. So it was a no brainer to feature Guinness Draught as the Beer of the Month for the month of March.

Guinness is a versatile beer. It can be enjoyed alone, be the secret ingredient in cooking, or made into a whole other fancy drink...snake bite anyone? This month, instead of paring the BOTM with something tasty...I decided to cook with the BOTM to make something tasty 😏

What did I make? Beer Pancakes. But not just any beer pancakes, Guinness Beer Pancakes w/Chocolate Syrup! The pancakes were delicious and complimented the beer making it the perfect dish. This beer is 4.2% ABV and is smooth, creamy, and balanced. It also has a sweet smell with a hint of coffee and malts. Guinness is distributed almost everywhere, so it is not hard to find this Irish staple. As spring starts to make an appearance, make sure you enjoy a cold Guinness on a patio with friends. Go and head out to the Guinness website to find some great recipes and pairings as well.

Sláinte! (Cheers!)