Fat Tuesday

Photo Taken By: JennLuvsBeer

Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday is a Louisiana staple that has resinated through the south. The last day of eating whatever the heck you want before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. I always remembered growing up in Texas, Mardi Gras = King Cake, Cajun Food, Crawfish, and a lot of smiles...and Ash Wednesday (day after Fat Tuesday) = Give up something for 40 Days which I was not interested in LOL 😂

With me now living in Colorado, finding cajun food is like looking for a unicorn. And if I did find it, it wasn't the "same"...so why not make cajun food myself? This year I decided to make one of my favorite dishes, Crawfish Étouffée. Well crawfish is hard to come by here so I substitute for shrimp instead (still just as scrumptious). Now what beer would be the ideal pair for my favorite cajun dish?? Prost Brewing "Dukel" beer came to mind. The dark amber ale is the perfect compliment to the cajun spices in the dish. It is not only refreshing, but has a distinct malty flavor that is not overbearing. It is 5.2% ABV and goes well with some King Cake too. Bottom line, this is a versatile beer that won't let you down. So this Fat Tuesday grab a Prost Brewing Dunkel to satisfy your cajun tastebuds.

As they say during Mardi Gras..."Laissez les bons temps rouler!" (Let the good times roll!)