Tacos with a side of BOOMSAUCE

Photo Taken By: JennLuvsBeer

Yes, there is Taco Tuesday but this girl likes to stand out from the crowd and do things a little differently. How you ask? Well, have tacos on a Thursday (crazy, I know!) and pair it with an IPA instead of the normal Mexican-Pilsner I usually go for (i.e. Pacifico or Modelo).

It is suggested to pair an IPA with spicy, salty, or sweeter dishes. So pairing my Thursday Night dinner with a Boom Sauce IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing Co. located in Woburn, MA was the obvious choice. But let's take a moment to take it back to the basics. What is an IPA? An IPA or Indian Pale Ale is a hoppy style of beer with a bite. Over the years an IPA has evolved into the following styles: American Style, English Style, and Imperial or Double IPA.

Boom Sauce IPA is 8% ABV and is anything but your average IPA. It is crisp, refreshing, slight citrus taste, vibrant floral, with a nice hoppy finish. Everything you want in an IPA! Lord Hobo keeps it simple with their beers...Consolation Prize (a double IPA), Boom Sauce (a double IPA), Steal This Can (an American IPA), and Hobo Life (a India Session Ale). So head out to your local liquor store or bar to see if Boom Sauce is at a store/bar near you.