Girl Scout Cookie Pairing

Photo taken by: Jenn Luvs Beer

Girl Scout cookies are an American staple. I use to be a Girl Scout and selling cookies was something I look forward to every year. Now that I am older, I enjoy pairing certain beers with these delicious cookies.

This year I decided to take one of my favorite beers and pair them with Do-Si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. Against the Grain Brewery's, The Brown Note is not your average brown ale. The flavors of chocolate, toffee, and caramel from the ale bring out the sweetness of the peanut butter. It also enhances the flakey biscuit flavors of the cookie. This is the perfect pairing 👌🏽

The Brown Note is 5% ABV and contains a blend of British Malts, but completely embodies a true American Ale. This brewery does not disappoint for every beer will leave your taste buds satisfied. Their beer can art will leave you laughing as well. With creative flavors, comical can art, and a plethora of options, there is no reason not to try this beer.

Photo taken by: Jenn Luvs Beer

The next beer and cookie pairing of choice is Denver Beer Co. Graham Cracker Porter and new Girl Scout Cookie flavor S'mores.

This porter is true to what DBC claims...a campfire in a can. And what goes great with a campfire? S'Mores! The flavors of the beer and cookie not only complement each other, but is the perfect dessert as well.

The Graham Cracker Porter is 5.6% ABV and contains vanilla, smoked cedar, and mulling spices. A great match for S'more cookies 👍🏽

So find your local Girl Scout and purchase these yummy cookies to pair with these mouth watering beers.