Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With a blink of an eye the year has come and gone and now Valentine's Day is days away. I thought it would be fun to share some great gift ideas for the beer lover in your life. Listed below are just a few items I think are unique and fun...

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Clockwise: Can Beer Cuff Bracelet from Craft Brewed Jewelry | Hopped Necklace & Earrings from Hopped Up Jewelry | At Home Brew Kit from Mr. Beer | Dog "Beer" from Bowser Beer for Dogs |

For the Jewelry Lover:

Craft Brewed Jewelry has taken fashion to another level. They are known for taking beer cans and turning them into cuff bracelets. It is not only fashionable and unique, but they are recycling cans in a way you would not think of. You can rep your favorite beer or just simply make a statement. Craft Brewed Jewelry also offers an array of options. Everything from rings to custom work, the options are endless. The price point is not that bad either! Show Craft Brewed Jewelry some love and take a look at what they have to offer.

Hopped Up Jewelry is beer hop jewelry made by hand. You have a choice between different finishes (stainless steel, brass, or copper), and several different jewelry types (necklaces, earrings, rings, and one of a kind pieces). They are made in Bend, Oregon which is known for the "Bend Ale Trail Beer Tour". Their jewelry pieces are colorful, feminine, and different...which is perfect for the woman who loves to stand out in the crowd.

For the Special Guy in Your Life:

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit is PERFECT for the guy...or gal who just loves craft beer. The kit comes with all the items needed to create that tasty magic in a bottle. Your guy/gal can finally get creative in the kitchen! Who knows, he or she may create delicious beer and end up opening their own micro brewery 😉 You never know right??

Your Furry Friend:

Of course we can't forget our furry little friends. When I discovered "Beer for Dogs", my jaw nearly hit the floor. Bowser Beer for Dogs offers beer, treats, and gift packs for your best friend. The beer is offered in 3 and 6 packs variety and contains healthy ingredients for your pup. No, this product will not get your dog drunk 🐶 But we can forget about the cat lovers out there, Bowser Beer for Dogs is also great for cats too. Bowser Beer also supports a several non-profit organizations such as Military Working Dog Team Support Assoc. (MWDTSA) and Dogs on Deployment just to name a few. When you support Bowser Beer for Dogs, you support other dog organizations too.

As always flowers and chocolates are a given, but if you are looking for something different these ideas will make them happy too.

Happy Valentine's Day!