For the Entertainer

Picture Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I myself love to have company over. The thought of sharing laughter with close friends, creating new memories, and enjoying great beer in the process fills my heart. Okay, that was completely cheesy but you get the point.

With that being said, I believe anyone who loves company should own a beer flight or four. It is perfect to taste test great beers and it makes for great conversation as well. But who says beer flights are only for entertaining? It is perfect for a date night in my opinion...and any woman who appreciates a good beer flight is a keeper!

I especially dig Uncommon Goods for cool beer accessories like the beer flight pictured above. This beer tasting flight will cost you $59 and will include miniature pint glasses on a retired French oak wine barrel stave. So go ahead and snag this flight for your next date night or get together.