About the girl...


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Houston, TX. In 2013 I desperately needed a change and relocated to Phoenix, AZ. I quickly realized I am not a desert living person, and after a year moved to Denver, CO. Fast forward 3 years, and I now call Raleigh, NC my new home!

Why Jenn Luvs Beer?

I LOVE beer! I have tried creating several different blogs in the past. There was "Provident Trend", where I believe you can look designer without breaking the bank. Then there was "BierRuns", a blog about beer and running. Lastly, there was "BierRunSports"...a sports blog. At the end of the day I have one love and that is beer, so why not stick with what you know?

Why do you love beer so much?

I remember my first beer in college, a Natural Light (obviously, I was in college and on a budget). Then my roommate had me try a Chimay Grande Reserve Blue Label and it changed my life forever. After that, I wanted to try every type of beer possible.

What is your favorite beer?

It is a three way tie between San Miguel Filipino Pale Lager (gotta love my roots), Avery White Rascal (a Colorado Fav), and Against the Grain Brewery's, The Brown Note (I absolutely LOVE this brewery).

What is your nationality?

I am Filipino. It took awhile to embrace my heritage since I am First Generation American. But after embracing who I am, I love that I am different than everyone else.

What is your "go to" meal?

Tex-Mex and a Pacifico, "Dressed" (w/salt and a lime. NOTE: Dressed is a huge term in the south)...I'm from Texas remember?

If you had a super power what would it be?

Time/Weight control! So I can cherish the great times I have with my #1 & dog forever; In addition to consuming ALL the beer I want without gaining weight.

What do you shoot/edit with?

I started out with a Nikon D3300 and since then have switched to a Canon 80 D. I also shoot with a Mirrorless Canon M5 when I don't feel like bringing around a huge camera. Editing takes place in Photoshop and PicMonkey.